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How to LOVE & be the BEST BARBER - Zay's Barber Supply

Make Goals

Sit down and think about what you want from this career. What is your end goal? What do you really want to achieve? Do you want your own shop? Do you want to be an educator? Do you want to be the busiest barber in your shop? Do you want a Mercedes to drive around in? Sit down and write five different things that you want to achieve. Do it right now, I can wait while you do.

Actualize Those Goals

Now that you have some goals you have to break down how you are going to about making them come true. You want to be the best barber in your shop? How are you going to make every single fade that you put out look like the best Instagram photos that you have ever seen? Do your fades look like that?  Write down five ways that you can make your five goals come to fruition. Pick the one goal that you are most excited about and pick one of the five ways that you can make that goal happen and start to do it. Maybe it is as simple as asking one of your co-workers how they make their edge ups so damn crispy. Maybe it is time to get yourself involved in barber battles. I’m going to get very Nike on you, and say, “Just do it.” Start with one goal, and one way, and next week start with another goal and another way. As you start to achieve your goals, sit down and make more of them. Repeat.

How does happiness come into this?

There is nothing better than seeing your dreams come true. There is no better feeling than making it happen.

Where do you get the energy to do this?

This comes from inside you. Find a reason that you want to succeed. Maybe you want to be able to provide for your family, maybe you want a new pair of sneakers every month. If it fills you with creative energy and ambition, make it work for you.



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