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A Cut Above: Framing The Future

A Cut Above: Framing The Future

Everyone’s had a first date. We panic immediately after the date and time have been agreed upon. What are we going to wear? We rush to the mirror and realize that our hair needs a trim- we check our contacts and scroll down to the only barber we know is available this late in advance. Pulling up to the appointment, we think about the date. What are we going to wear? Our minds flash to the pantry and try to recall whether we have mints and gum. Should we look casual or come decked out- we begin planning the minute we decide we’re going to go on the date. Our focus shifts to the possible outcomes of the date; we think critically about how our actions will impact the date. We think at both the micro and macro level, creating scenarios that detail  information from our word choice to our role in external environments. And when the time comes, although we’ve panicked and checked the mirror a hundred times, we have some framework that we are working within- we have a desired outcome and planned behavior and situational awareness to accompany this manifestation. 

In our lives, we are continually going on first dates. The only difference between success and failure is our ability to stay a cut above; we are only as good as we are prepared. 

Documenting Goals 

As barbers, we have to continue to set goals for ourselves. Our job is to pursue excellence in a way that is authentic to our own brand; we hold ourselves accountable by staying on the cusp of transition. Documenting our goals allows us to see what cards are on the table and then to assess the current hand we’ve drawn. We can ask better questions about the direction we're going in and create pathways that have a direct affect on the outcome that we’re seeking. Writing down our goals establishes that we are working towards something and every push in that direction breeds smaller successes. However, if we are unaware of where we are going; if we aren’t able to identify what we want, then we can’t  make moves that allow us to move forward. There are several ways we can do this:

Creating a vision board

Making a scrapbook of ideas/positions you want to be in

Creating a list and sending it to an accountable partner

Make a poster and post it where you will see it everyday

 In order to actualize, we first need to identify- if we want to reach the stars, we need to chart them first. 

Bit Sized Action (Systemize)

Just like we wouldn’t jump straight into a cut without first considering how to achieve what the client wants and what resources we have to execute the cut, we don’t need our journey as barbers to be complete overnight. We need to approach our path to success as we would planning for a date; consider the in-betweens and plan accordingly. If we want to build our network to include high-profile clients, for example, we need to consider the path we’ll be taking to get there by breaking down our goal into smaller actionable steps. This could include offering a free service to someone in the network you want to be a part of, or working with someone to breath an idea into fruition and advertising this service after the venture is successful. Whatever you want to do, you need to think big and plan in detail. 

Remain a Cut Above 

 Success is not told in stagnation but rather in the way we continue to reinvent ourselves. As we pursue our path of excellence, we need to remind ourselves that the systems we’ve developed or the ideas that have come to fruition can always be improved upon or re-evaluated as the world around us changes. Staying a cut above means looking at the landscape that you’ve created and finding ways to improve the way it actualizes your goals. In this same way, our goals can also change. We are constantly planning and framing, looking at ways we can actualize the goals of our past while seamlessly incorporating the desires of our future. 


You have to train your subconscious mind to operate in accordance to your goals. Will power is not enough. We breathe, drive, & blink on auto pilot. So manifesting our thoughts on autopilot. Faith comes with time when your subconscious mind starts to take over from the vibration you feed your mind everyday.



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