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BEST hair product for MEN - Zay's Barber Supply

Best hair products for men


Hair products, ranging from hair gel to hairspray, will give you the long-lasting finished barber look that ensures your hair looks great and stays put throughout the day.

When applying any substance, keep in mind that less is more. Often start with a small amount of product, around the size of a 50p coin. If you need to, you can always add more later. Applying too much at the beginning can make your hair look greasy, unflattering, and distract from the texture and shape of your hair.

Here are the best hair products for men, without further ado:


Salt Spray
Salt spray will give you the impression that you've just returned from the beach and taken a refreshing dip in the sea – not a bad vibe to have, right?! When you spray salt spray on your hair, it gives it a thicker appearance and a firm grip. This product gives hair length and a matte finish while holding it in place.

Salt spray is suitable for fine to medium hair; thicker hair should avoid it.


Hair mousse
Mousse, also known as styling foam, is made specifically for curly hair and works best when scrunched or diffused dried. Mousse's ingredients help curls take on a more defined form. If you have curly hair that tends to frizz, it also helps to calm it down.

When wet, mousse may be added to curly, messy, or straight hair before blow drying. In a blowdry, it will add volume and maintain a strong hold. If you don't want to use any other beauty items after your blowdry, it will have a natural grip. If you're looking for a lightweight product, this is a great option.

Mousse is ideal for sculpting volume and is suitable for all hair styles.


Hair Gel
Hair gels are available in three different strengths: low, medium, and solid. Using hair gel before blow-drying will give your hair a layer of weight, making it appear thicker.

There are various strengths to choose from for various effects, such as hair height and length. For eg, if you want a more natural look, you should use a low strength hair gel, whereas if you want drastic height and an uplift, you should use a strong strength hair gel.

Both hair types will benefit from hair gel.


In comparison to gels and waxes, pomade has become the preferred hair product for men these days. Applying pomade to your finished style will give it a strong hold and a more natural appearance. Slick backs, pompadours, side parting designs, and even messy styles would all benefit from pomade.

Pomade is suitable for most hair types, but it is not recommended for fine hair because it can appear limp and smooth. It's possible that the pomade would stick to your hair. Pomade has the advantage of allowing you to run your hand through your hair without breaking the look.




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