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Cutting Along the Edge

Cutting Along the Edge

“Oh boy lookin clean!”


“I see you young blood!”


We’ve all been there: eyebrows lifted, head tilted slightly, pressing our lips together trying not to expose a full grin; we look good. We walk out the shop like we’ve never seen the world before; we’re ready to conquer it. There is nothing, nor anybody that could tell us that we aren’t the King of the Hill. Our hair is fly: we look in every car window to catch the shine reflecting off sides from the sun; we might as well be dipped in gold. But the line along the edge is what ties it all together; we’ve never seen a line-up more immaculate, more crisp-more precise. The barber in the chair cleans up the station for the next customer, almost unaware that they’ve executed the impossible; a perfect line on a sphere. Eventually our hair grows out, we didn’t expect it to last long (but we hoped it did). This time we try it ourselves. Eyes concentrate in the bathroom mirror as we mimic the movements of the previous barber. We pull out all the stops- we use the correct guards; we even watch a tutorial or two to make sure it’s perfected. In the end, it doesn’t look half as good. So, we ask ourselves:


What makes a line-up in a seasoned barber’s chair cleaner and more precise?


The answer is simple: they’ve learned the craft well enough to understand that your hands are only as good as your tools. As we grow in our craft, we find resources that help us increase the value of our work- and in turn we also increase the efficiency and consistency of our final product. Working hard also means that you work smart, and that includes what products you use to elevate your business.


Now think back to that kid in the mirror wondering why their line up looked more like an A-line than a straight line- what tools could they have used to immediately elevate their final product? If they wanted to make their line up pop, without trying to push into their hairline to make it work, they could’ve benefited from a cordless air compressor like this one. This kind of product helps create that straight-out-of the shop look effortlessly (and with less cleaning). And when it was all done, they could’ve walked out the house, holding back a toothy grin, knowing that they looked damn good.



“You don’t get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” 

— Jim Rohn


 So, how are you going to cut along the edge?

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