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Deep Cut: The Evolution of Dedication

Deep Cut: The Evolution of Dedication

Our road to success is never linear. We learn this early, as we navigate life fascinated by the people who’ve come before us. As we idolize basketball players and entrepreneurs; neighborhood celebrities and local barbers, we begin to draft our own dreams. We hear about their stories—how they walked a path less traveled and took failure and adversity and triumphed. Unconsciously, we begin to brand our own success story. Our sights are set on the big leagues and sometimes picturing where we will be at times overshadows how we will get there. And so, we look at the journey's of the people we hope to catch up to and attempt the easier path. We soon realize that moving into our dreams is a little more complicated than we imagined.


 In our failure and struggle, we learn that the road to success is never linear, never easy, but it is our dedication to pursuit that propels us forward.


Daniel Contreras, entrepreneur and founder of The New Era Barbering, has built an entire empire on his resilience and dedication to pursuing the truth in his craft. As a powerhouse in the barbering industry, Contreras has amassed a large following on several social media platforms while providing others with the information that helped him build in his own career on his podcast,  “Dlucs_Podcast.” He is also a marketing extraordinaire, providing his services to high profile clients and businesses alike. A man of few words, Contreras spoke  with Isaiah Ford about his success as a barber and the journey’s we take as barbers to fulfill our own success stories.


For those who may not be aware of your work in the community, can you give a little background?

I’m on a mission to transform the barber industry by driving barbers to push themselves out of their comfort zone and challenge their own ideals. While everyone zigs you gotta zag.

What does success as a barber look like to you? And do you consider yourself a successful barber?

 Always evolving. Looking at the historical tract of my own path and then pushing the boundaries to constantly evolve. I’m in a constant state of evolution so yes, I would consider myself successful.

We’ve been talking about the importance of manifesting your goals and taking actionable steps to pursue them, can you walk us through how you got to where you are today?

 By pursuing of the truth and always questioning myself and what I believe to be true. This looks like  always being curious and understating your why; that is extremely important as you seek after things that propel you forward.

I started online barber classes and really delved into social media marketing. I’m also a digital marketer for barber companies/niches in the industry by focusing on pursuing the truth and developing a greater understanding of who I am and my truths.

 What things inspire you to keep improving on your craft?

 I no longer cut hair, but I am very much involved in the industry. I’ve been focusing on one specific question and that is, what is my true potential? I believe that constantly pushing my boundaries and moving out of my comfort attributed to my evolution as a success in the industry. And this mindset is translatable; it can be applied to multiple fields because success doesn’t happen with a linear mindset.

We talk a lot about building your brand, what the one piece of advice you can give someone else that’s trying to expand theirs?

 My advice is: be unapologetic about putting your authentic self to the world, who you are currently, not who you are tomorrow but today.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 Growing, through adaptations of myself with ruthless self analysis. Not simply becoming who I will be but actively pursuing this person by adapting and evolving. And changing my mindset in order to do this— successful evolution occurs when we attempt to find the truth and dedicate ourselves to pursuing this relentlessly.

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How will you zig while others zag?


“I just believe in ownership. I believe in investing in yourself. Your foundation should be strong.”                                                                                     Nipsey Hussle


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