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Every barber's MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT - Zay's Barber Supply

Hair cutting is a career that never really goes out of style because people need their hair and facial hair cut and styled well in any age, even though it does take a certain level of ability and knowledge. If you are a professional barber, you will need a specific collection of equipment to complete your services. Are you curious as to what they are? So, here are the tools that any barber should have.


Hair Comb 

If you're styling or clipping the hair on your head, beard, or mustache, if you're a pro or just getting started, you'll need a hair comb to prepare for any barber service.

Clipper for hair

When you need to shave the hair off your head, beard, or mustache (yours or someone else's) easily and cleanly, a wired or wireless trimmer comes in handy, and it's a must-have barber tool.

Razor with a straight edge

A straight razor comes in handy when you need to get a near shave on your head or face at a certain angle. You might even be able to pull off a good fade haircut with a straight razor if you're a professional with barbering skills.

Hair Shears

One of the most fundamental skills of a barber is trimming and cutting hair, which, of course, necessitates having a pair of shears on hand at all times. Trimming the hair away with shears works better for such cuts, whether you're cutting with the hair between your fingers or pulled over a comb.


And… Airbrush Compressor



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