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Latest clippers of THIS year - Zay's Barber Supply

If you haven't yet purchased clippers and hair-cutting equipment, there are some compelling reasons to do so. Not all hair clippers, however, are produced equal. Here's a rundown of some of the most recent hair clippers on the market to help you figure out what to look for.

 Philips QC5570 Clippers

This isn't the model for you if you want the coolest-looking hair clippers to put next to your bespoke MC1 Blood Cream and Guerlain Royal Extract aftershave on your bathroom shelf. Step right this direction if you're more concerned about how your hair looks after a haircut than about how sleek the clippers are. Not only does it fit perfectly in your hand, but the head can also be rotated around 180 degrees, allowing you to hit the back of your head, just behind your ears, at the perfect angle.


BaByliss Japanese Steel Digital Hair Clipper

BaByliss' hair clipper is more fashionable than most, thanks to its digital screen and precision-engineered Japanese steel blades. But, just as you can't judge a barber's ability to cut your hair based on his own, you shouldn't base your investment on his own haircut. Thankfully, the consistency of our haircut was not a case of style over substance. With a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 160 minutes of cordless cutting time, depending on your abilities, you could cut your own hair, then the hair of your neighbors, before charging it for two hours.


Remington HC4250 QuickCut Hair Clipper

With this Remington clipper, there is no equivocation. There's a reason your barber doesn't use a clipper like this: it lacks the precision of more compact models. That said, it's quite the weapon for those who want to keep it short all over without paying too much attention to Love Island-level fading, slipping easily into the palm of your hand like a Wolverine-esque bolt-on. The fact that the longest cut length is only 15mm demonstrates the variety of cuts this model is capable of.


Philips Series 5000 Clipper

Even with its generous 2.8m range, Philips' cordless offering doesn't have quite the same maneuverability as those on this list, but for under £40, it has a lot going for it. For starters, it feels a lot more substantial than its price tag suggests, with an ergonomic thumb grip that makes it easy to manage when touching up your own hair in front of the mirror. There are also the many accessories that come with the clipper.


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