Black Semi-Permanent Air Compressor Dye 2oz

Black Semi-Permanent Air Compressor Dye 2oz

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Our Black Semi-Permanent Compressor Dye was specifically formulated for Zay's Cordless Air Compressor. It is thin enough to easily spray right out of the bottle (no need to dilute our dye) while still maintaining the qualities of a heavyweight semi-permanent dye. Our semi-permanent compressor dye is alcohol based so it is waterproof. 

Key Benefits:

  • Lightweight formula that will help you achieve a natural yet enhanced look
  • Semi-Permanent 
  • Last 2-3 washes

How to use: Remove the cap from the top of Zay's Cordless Air Compressor. Untwist the cap from the air compressor dye and apply a few drops into the dye cartridge.