Zay's Barber Academy (70+ Hrs Step By Step Exclusive Lessons)

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Want to master your haircut skills without overwhelm and fear?

I remember how lost and overwhelmed I felt learning how to cut hair. No youtube video helped me understand; I basically had to self teach myself.

One of the toughest things starting out as a barber is not knowing what clippers to use, how to modify adjust clippers, how to blend any type of hair, how to start the fade, get out bald lines, or even just line-up a hairline.

Even if you are an experienced barber I will show you clipper over comb techniques, shear over comb, styling, and keeping blends so tight and blended with precision just like Instagram & Youtube Haircuts.

Whether you are unlicensed, just picked up clippers yesterday, or a seasoned experienced barber; I will show you the simple techniques it takes to master your haircuts with precision.

These exact haircuts I will show you are the reason I am able to charge $60 a haircut in small market Sacramento, and gain a massive clientele & following on social media.

It all starts from mastering your craft.

Unlike youtube videos and other educators, they don't show you the detail process to precision haircuts.

Most videos are 7-10 min tutorials in twice the speed without detailed instructions or explanation.

What I want to bring to you is Fully Exclusive Content in full step by step instructions.

My tutorials are (Full 1-Hour Detailed Tutorials) for beginners or experienced barbers with instructions on the bottom with voiceover.

What This Program Includes:

  • Tutorials Are Fully Explained Step By Step (Typically 1hr Long)
  • 11 Videos To Start Out With (9 Haircut Tutorials)
  • 2 Full Hr Tutorials Added Per Week (8-10 Hr Tutorials Month)
  • Monthly Access To Voxer 1 on 1 Coaching (Daily Guidance/Assistance)
  • First 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (Only If you watch 30% Or less)
  • Cancel At Anytime!


  • Different Clippers (Andis/Wahl)
  • Different Textured Hair For Well-Rounded Learning (Straight, Course, Curly)
  • Tapers, Fades, Mohawk, Comb Over, Undercut Fade, Crop Style, Small Designs, etc.
  • Videos In Real Time For Slow Pace Learning
  • Voiceover, Guard Instructions
  • Simple Techniques a 5th Grader Could Understand

I was once in your shoes

I struggled starting out just like everyone else. I am not superhuman.

Every master was once a beginner.

But the best way to learn is to learn from someone who has already done it.

The value of content you will receive is beyond the value & skills you will get in return

The same amount you would spend on a seminar, personal coaching, traveling that may not get the results you are looking for:


This is a no brainer.

Elevate and take action today!

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Emmanuel S.
United States United States
Well worth the money!

Zay does a very good job at breaking down the steps of his hair cutting lessons! He’s very specific and also gives reason on why he does things a certain way. I’ve been in the industry almost 10 years and I know how to cut but I never think that I know everything because in this industry, there’s ALWAYS something to learn, someone to learn from and things are always changing. And this video gave me some great tips and tools to take my cutting game to the next level!