About Us

Isaiah “ZaytheBarber” the visionary behind Zay's Barber Supply has been curating his brand since he began cutting in 2014. The young entrepreneur has successfully revolutionized what it means to be a barber through his emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship and developing an appetite for knowledge that extends well beyond the chair. With eight years of experience, ZaytheBarber has solidified a consistent high-profile client base, including several professional athletes both locally and throughout the state. As both an educator and social influencer, ZaytheBarber has been able to build his brand based on the needs of his clients and the demand of a growing audience. In his effort to educate the masses, Isaiah created a brand that would become the manifestation of his ideas and experiences as a highly successful six figure barber and entrepreneur. Zay's Barber Supply is the product of  of these efforts, utilizing the craftmenship and knowledge of Zaythebarer to provide barbers with elite tools to amplify their skillset and increase their income.