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Set up:

  1. Take the Spray handle and screw it onto the compressor.
  2. Remove the silver piece on the back of the spray handle
  3. Remove the black piece on the back of the spray handle
  4. Loosen the silver piece on the needle by slightly unscrewing it
  5. Pull back the needle to let more air flow in then re-screw the silver piece 
  6. Remove the cap from the cup
  7. Pour the dye into the cup


  1. Use a card to block dye from spraying on the skin(Beard and Line Dye Application Stencil)
  2. Spray the hair
  3. After you have sprayed the hair use a razor to clean up the line up

Clean Up:

  1. Do NOT forget to clean out the Sprayer or it will NOT function
  2. Use a small/tiny bristle scrubber (included with compressor) and a napkin  to clean out the dye
  3. Pour in rubbing alcohol and spray it out(while spraying out the alcohol, pull the needle back and push it back in to totally flush the compressors airway)