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The Beginnings of a Barber

The Beginnings of a Barber

Fade in

We all begin our journey in the chair. We learn the dynamic of the shop quick- the sound of clippers and the scents of shop products become a part of our collective memory. Old heads talking about the latest sports news and arguing over current politics makes us believe in the history of our own fathers. We look to the barbershop for guidance- it’s’ always been more than cutting hair. Hands that used to grip stubborn heads from moving too much become hands we shake. We talk about business and going to college or starting our own business; even failure becomes inspiration in the shop.

Soon we set-up shop in our own bathrooms- taking notes on poorly blended fades and grinning when pops gives us the nod of approval. Moving to the garage or the backyard (but never in your mother’s house), we cut for our friends. We've built a storehouse of knowledge; muscle memory from having our own haircut and watching in silence as steady hands took a mess and made it masterpiece. We build from memory and grow due to vigilance- trial and error, constantly pushing. And one day, we look up to find little man two chairs down watching as we add the finishing touches to someone who looks just like him. 

We are not born barbers, but made

Our job is to connect one-another to ideas and avenues that will lead to success. What barber began a journey without a connection to someone or something that provided lifelong guidance? Zay’s Barber Supply is a network of key connections to the future success of all barbers- providing access to elite barber tools and world class educational resources.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

                                                                                 Michael Jordan 


When we build together we are paying homage to the power of connections that led us to become Barbers. Entrepreneurs. Life-long students. 


Welcome to the team.  

Fade out


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